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    Hi All

    This is just for general knowledge regarding ANCHORS and a few other things.

    For Information On "ANCHORS" Click Here.
    What is an Anchor? It's like a menu for items or related items in the same page or refrences to difference pages on the same subject or related items. You also can use them for addition details on an article or other items. Use it for Testimonials, addition informations or as a mimi menu.

    For Information On "Automatic Updating" Click Here.
    This infromational section is for "how To Update Infromation On Your Site"
    You'll be guilded from auto refresh of a page, updating once a day, onece per hour, once per minute, and updating by hour and minute.
    This Auto Updater can be use for a updating auto for Sunday threw Saturday,or a full 31 days a month. The frame box has additional code for auto adjust the size of the box.
    Enjoy this section.

    For Information On "How To Add Information Box By Highlighting Text" Click Here.
    How to get that little infromation box to popup when you mouseover a certian word. Also changing your cursor and adding a a question mark.

    Thanks for viewing


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